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Why Faith-Based Films Are Often Bad at Evangelism

“The Debate Begins September 26” is the tagline for A Matter of Faith, the newest faith-based film from Christian producer Rich Christiano (Time ChangerThe Secrets of Jonathan Sperry). Debate is an appropriate word to describe A Matter of Faith. Not only does the idea of debate encompass the main premise of the film—a college freshman torn between six-day creationism and evolution—but also the controversy Faith is already generating.

Placing aside the issue of whether evolution and Christianity can coexist (an entire subject in itself), the film’s trailer presents a number of problems, one of which is the exaltation of triumphalism at the expense of evangelism.

In a recent blog post, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis writes: “Atheists and compromising Christians are going to hate A Matter of Faith!” While yet to see the movie personally, Ham writes that a staff member at Answers in Genesis served as a consultant for the film. Later, Ham seems to contradict himself. “This is a movie you can take friends and family to—and rest assured that both the message of the film, and the conversations that will follow, will turn minds and hearts directly to the gospel!”

So who is Faith’s intended audience? Christians, or friends and family members who are not Christians? What if they are atheists?

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  • zombiekiller117

    People are in jail for asking questions about the event called ‘holocaust’
    Every time an Emperor, King, Prince or Pope has made it illegal to question a state approved ‘fact’ there has ALWAYS turned out to be something very wrong with that ‘fact’.