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This Mother’s Day, Don’t Worry

When I was planning the series “Ultimate Questions” for the congregation of The Orchard some time ago, I wondered which of Jesus’ questions might be most appropriate for Mother’s Day. So I showed a list of Christ’s questions to a few mothers in the congregation and asked, “If you could choose one of these questions for Mother’s Day which one would it be?”

The response was unanimous. It was just a straw poll, but everybody I asked came up with the same answer: “You should preach on Jesus’ question about worry.”

After conversing with some mothers about their particular worries, certain reoccurring themes became clear.

A Mother’s Top Five Worries

1. Safety. Almost every mother who responded to our question mentioned the safety of their children. Mothers worry about their kids driving carefully and staying safe on the roads. They worry about their kids’ health and their physical safety. Raising a child in today’s world of violence also causes worry that something or someone will hurt him or her.

2. Health. Mothers mentioned the physical and emotional health of their kids. They expressed worry over unhealthy friendships, being in unhealthy environments, and the prospect of incurable diseases.

3. Marriage. Another common theme was marriage. Mothers worry about their children finding the right spouse—a loving and caring partner. They also worry about failed marriages and whether or not their kids will make good choices.

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