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10 Things That Drive Us Crazy at Church … That Probably Shouldn’t

10. Loud Music


The book of Revelation is pretty clear—there will be LOUD worship in heaven. Of course, we understand there’s probably a difference between the church youth band rocking out and the voices of angels, but still.

9. People Using iPads Instead of “Real Bibles”


We get it, who’s gonna make sure they’re not checking Facebook during the sermon? Although, to be real for a second—God’s Word is God’s Word, whether it’s read on an iPad or in a 4-inch thick King Jimmie Bible.

8. Coffee in the Sanctuary


Let’s be clear: having a cup of joe in the sanctuary doesn’t defile anything or anyone—we’re not in the Temple era anymore, right? Jesus lives in us—not on stage in our churches. Although, we do understand it can be messy :)

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  • jimbo124816

    When we get to Heaven, we will not have our frail sensitive Human ears. For now, please turn down the volume on the drums and guitars. I don’t want to lose any more hearing than I have to, and the 90 something lady won’t have to climb over me and her husband to run for the door anymore, and her 90 something husband won’t have to turn down his hearing aid like he does every week during the music. I can’t wait until I hear the millions of Angels and millions of Saints singing the Halleluiah Chorus, because by then I will have new ears that can take that volume. I assure you it will not be painful!

    And if you are going to bring your free coffee into the sanctuary, try not to spill it on the carpet. It’s starting to look like the floor at the Burger King.

    And turn off the sound on your iPad. Its beeping is distracting to everyone else.

    And teenage girls. Either buy longer skirts, or keep your legs together, and don’t bend over to pick up something from the floor. I am a healthy male and the last place I want to see your undies is in church.

    Our president wears Mom jeans so I guess it’s OK.

    Our old pastor used to say, “If you can’t get your point across in 20 minutes, you’re not a good speaker.”. We don’t need people to fall out of windows because they fell asleep.

    We have plenty of parking spots because people have left the church because the music is “NOISE”, the ipPods are distracting, the sermon is too long, nobody has respect for the sanctuary, and the pastor begs for money because there’s nobody left to pay his salary.

    We have 2 women who are leaders, serve communion, and teach, both of whom divorced their husbands, on a whim, —– married yesterday, divorced today.

    If you don’t like friendly people now, what makes you think you will like them in Heaven?

    You don’t want people to be friendly, but you also don’t want people to just say “Hi”.
    Which is it?

  • M Green

    Some are very good points. Others? Not so much.

    Some of the way our youth dresses is down-right provocative. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think church is the place to wear your bikini-top. We’re there to worship the SON, not the SUN–which can’t be found indoors anyways.

    I don’t mind the new music, but I don’t mind the old music, either. Since church often has older church goers, can’t we show them honor by throwing in a few old-fashioned hymns that they might enjoy? My church does at every service.

    The coffee in the sanctuary, thing. It can spill. The cups can take up space and need big trash cans–that need to be emptied frequently. Between that and the cleaning services, this is going to put more of a budget on the church. I thought we didn’t want to be wasting money? Most services aren’t longer than 1 hour and a half–about an hour for most. Seriously, you can’t get through an hour and a half without a cup of joe? Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy that with fellow worshipers in their cafe or fellowship hall–which was designed exactly for this purpose?

    Women in leadership. Well, if we actually READ the Bible that we profess to follow–so MANY don’t–we’d see that women have plenty to do that are amazing things, including teaching. HOWEVER, there is context here. Women are to teach younger women. It’s a respect for the way God designed our plan, not a slap in the face of a woman. The fact that we gave into this just goes to show us that we really DID give into the fleshly desire to covet our husband’s position. All those times that women were leading? What? In the old Testament? You mean, in Judges? Where there was no king and everyone did what was right in their own eyes? Did these people bother to read the WHOLE book of Judges? Because, for one, Deborah wanted Barach to lead, but he wouldn’t. It was not a good thing. And Judges wasn’t exactly a kid’s bedtime story. There’s so much wrong and hypocrisy, and gore, that it would rival the worst we have on tv today. THAT’S the claim to why Women should be in leadership? Yeah, no thanks.

  • zombiekiller117

    Quiet, thoughtful reflective introverts have no right to not be stressed by the loud ‘music’ favoured by loud thoughtless extroverts.
    There is no place in the Church for reverence and traditional hymns and psalms, everything has to be a rock show.
    Maybe next week there will be an article saying that loud extroverts shouldn’t be annoyed if they are placed in a quiet monastic situation.
    The stress placed upon those who are not loud extroverts by the modern practice of loud rock concert services has driven many from the church.
    So much for Isaiah 30:15 “In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength”……..