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Much ink has been spilled and many words have been typed about shallow approaches to youth ministry and their damaging effect on young people’s engagement with Christ and the local church as they enter adulthood. There are valuable critiques; I’ve issued many of them. Youth pastors, directors, and workers need to be constantly called back…

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I’m not referring to all churches collectively in this article, but to the large majority who have drifted away from God. The present condition of the church leaves one to wonder if the lack of the fear of the Lord is contributing to her spiritually dead condition. With rapid fire changes within a culture saturated…

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An Oklahoma bill to punish any local or state employee who issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples will be heading to a vote in the state House of Representatives after a committee approved the legislation this week. The bill is one of several in the Republican-dominated statehouse to impose restrictions on same-sex marriages that have…

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Dear every kind-hearted, well-meaning, a little bit quiet but not around your bros, comfortable in groups but not one-on-one, single and secretly dreaming of dating (and marriage and kids), kind, helpless, you thought you’d be in a relationship by now but what the heck is going on, I kissed dating goodbye but forgot about procreation…

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In the latest issue of Expositor magazine, Steven Lawson interviewed R.C. Sproul on “Getting the Gospel Right.” You have written a book titled Getting the Gospel Right. Perhaps the best place to begin is, what is the gospel? There is probably no term used more loosely in the church than the term “gospel.” You hear preachers say all the time that they…

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Within two years of graduation, seven out of 10 college students stop attending church; less than 30 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds says their religious beliefs are important; and 20 percent of Americans claims no religious affiliation. Across the nation, young people are leaving the faith, and churches are at a loss regarding how to…

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November 5, 2014—Many churches today are explicitly constructed not to look and feel too much like a religious place. A stark contrast to the ancient cathedrals and churches of old—the very design of which was intended to help people experience the divine. How does this design shift impact worshipers? What about outsiders? What do church buildings say…

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This past summer, my husband and I wanted to teach one of our youngest sons, age 6, to ride his bike. His twin brother, Colin, had already mastered the skill and was nearly keeping up with his older brother. But despite our cajoling—“It’s fun to ride a bike!”—Andrew could not see the merit of potentially skinning his…

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Last week, the collapse of the Yemeni government, coupled with the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, have created a major problem. It’s created a problem for the fight against Islamist militants. But it’s also created even larger problem for Christians: Middle East uncertainty. First, the government of Yemen was overthrown by Shiite-friendly Iran. That…

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Sometimes, to borrow a phrase, we long to be in the church but not of it. We love Christ, but the church is full of people—and problems—we’d rather avoid. In Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe, Erin Lane, a divinity school graduate and pastor’s wife, explores her difficulty (and that of her millennial generation) in feeling fully devoted…

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The opinions about the “right” sermon length are varied, but they are typically intense. Several months ago, I conducted a social media poll to find out the preferred sermon length of preachers. Since that time, I have been observing pastors’ preaching on podcasts and in person. I have also been asking them directly about their…

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