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A Tennessee hardware store owner who objects to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling permitting same-sex marriage across the country posted a “No Gays Allowed” sign at his store on Monday, according to a local media report. Jeff Amyx, who also is a Baptist minister, then swapped the sign on Tuesday at his Washburn, Tennessee, store…

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God Praised with breathtaking version of Hallelujah chorus on TV!

165 People Just Sang Hallelujah In Front of About 165 Million People on National Television and It’s Goosebumps Worthy Leonard Cohen’s “Hallujah” is beautiful, but this version is… transcendent? Glorious? Goosebumps maker? All of the above? Performed a-cappella by a Welsh choir, this rendition is one of the most ephemeral things I’ve ever heard.  If…

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Evangelicals may be the lone holdout against same-sex unions, according to a new Barna research study. In an issue that’s polarizing the Christian community, Barna discovered that a whopping 94 percent of evangelicals oppose the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a ban on issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The statistic is nearly double the general population’s opinion and…

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Two Christian women from a Pakistani village in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab province have reportedly been tortured by Muslim villagers, after which their faces were painted black and they were paraded around the town on donkeys. The Pakistani Christian Post reported that the women, identified as Rukhsana and Rehana, were accused of committing blasphemy, which activists…

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Must see – Priest’s Hallelujah song in Church wedding – WOW

A priest has stunned wedding guests at the end of a ceremony with a pitch-perfect version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. The video of Fr Ray Kelly’s unique version of the often-covered song was filmed at the weekend and has been watched on YouTube more than 2.7 million times in the space of four days. The…

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The Gospel Coalition exists to serve the church. To help fulfill this mession, TGC has joined with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention on Equip, a project to provide a broad range of resources on homosexuality and same-sex marriage issues to prepare your church for a changing culture. If you’re looking for something to share with people in…

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Former Olympian Calls Out America After Taking Down the UFC Champion

It’s the shortest sermon you’ll ever hear—and it’s also the most powerful. (And it’s not even coming from the pulpit.) UFC champ and former Olympian Yoel Romero is known for packing a punch. This week, he’s using his platform to ask the question on many people’s minds—and he’s not pulling any punches. “I want to…

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