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According to respondents from a Christian News Service/Nicaea Movie poll conducted by American Insights, 49 percent of Christians view Hollywood positively, while 32 percent do not. The poll also revealed that Catholics are more likely to view Hollywood warmly, with 57 percent approving of it, compared to only 40 percent of Protestants. Other findings show…

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The Hebrew calendar reflects the Jewish belief that human liberation comes before divine revelation. In the spring, we celebrated Passover commemorating the biblical account of the liberation from bondage. (The Christian counterpart is Easter, albeit with a very different history and a very different theology.) A few days ago, seven weeks later, we marked the…

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North Korea continues to mobilize resources to deal with its citizens coming into contact with Christianity in China. On the 8th, sources conveyed to Daily NK that personnel from a number of state organs, including the State Security Department, General Reconnaissance Bureau and diplomatic corps, have received additional orders on the matter. A source located…

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The Southern Baptists are electing a new president to succeed the Rev. Fred Luter Jr., who became the denomination’s first African-American president in 2012. Contenders include the Rev. Dennis Kim, pastor of a Korean church in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the Rev. Ronnie Floyd, pastor of Cross Church, with several locations in northwest Arkansas. Members…

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A nun who became an Internet star for her unadorned pop song performances in full habit triumphed at Italy’s version of musical competition “The Voice” early Friday, singing and dancing to a song from the 1980s movie “Flashdance.” Sister Cristina Scuccia has fascinated a global audience from her first surprise appearance in a blind audition…

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Pope Francis took another step in his drive to clean up finances at the Holy See after years of scandals by naming international experts at the board of the Vatican’s financial watchdog agency, replacing an all-Italian panel. The Vatican said the pope, the first non-European pontiff in about 1,400 years, named the four experts to…

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At its annual General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church in America is considering 52 overtures or calls to action, including one “concerning same-sex marriage.” The same-sex marriage overture, which will be considered at PCA’s 42nd General Assembly (June 17-20), was summarized in the denomination’s quarterly magazine “By Faith.” “In response to an increasingly aggressive homosexual agenda,…

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Despite what many think, the church in America is not dying (and no serious researcher thinks that). However, there are some challenges and changes to be considered. When we consider missiology, part of the discipline includes considering how churches relate to their culture. Since we live in changing times, it’s worth thinking through what current…

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Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that prayers could again be given at local-government meetings. The decision reflects what I hope is an ongoing shift of the court to lowering barriers between church and state and protecting religious expression over the secular and progressive anti-religion desires for America. The court is also considering the cases of…

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The annual British Social Attitudes Survey has this year revealed that levels of racial prejudice across the UK are “on the rise”. Published by the National Centre of Social Research, the survey found that disturbingly, 30 per cent of those asked admitted that they were either “very” or “a little” prejudiced against those of different…

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Musician Rick Springfield has spoken about his Christian faith and how his desire for a connection with God impacted on his new book, Magnificent Vibration. Although Australian, the “Jessie’s Girl” singer spent part of his youth in England, where his army officer father was stationed from 1958 to 1963. He says in an interview with…

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By all accounts, Latinos are the future of Catholicism in America. Already, most young Roman Catholics in the United States are Latino, and soon that will be true of the overall Catholic population. But the Latinization of American Catholicism faces a big challenge: Latinos also are leaving Catholicism at a striking rate. It has been…

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