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Iwrote a post recently encouraging Christians to be less mean — especially online. It was called “When Did Christians Become So Mean?” It seems to me, we’ve lost some of our civility when it comes to what we post on social media. We are quick to blast a company that we feel has wronged us.…

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Want to know how to read the Old Testament? Here’s a quick primer: Martin Luther said that everything bad in the Old Testament (and there’s a lot) is there to point out our sin, while everything good in the Old Testament is there to point us to our Savior. Remember this pithy little couplet, and…

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Kiss, hug, monkey blanket, book, pray. That’s the summation of my preschool-age son’s bedtime routine. His simple bedtime routine must mean the world to him because if I miss a beat or shake up the order, he lets me know that the universe is falling apart. If you want accountability for keeping a disciplined routine,…

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As most of you have heard Fred Phelps has died. Fred Whelps was the founder of the Westboro cult that centered around protests and a message of hate. Sadly, they functioned under the name of “church” and claimed they were doing the work of Jesus. Thankfully, everyone recognized them as a cult and no one seriously put…

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Actual movements are tricky things, but the word has never been more popular. People keep referring to themselves as "a movement for global change" or "a church planting movement." If we're honest, however, that's usually not the case. You shouldn't even be the one declaring yourself a movement. You shouldn't even be the one declaring…

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By Hank Hanegraaff Virtually every morning I try to catch up on news and sports while running on my treadmill. Often the running (mostly walking) is accompanied by the vigorous exercise of my remote. Recently, I flipped into an interview involving Singaporean mega-pastor Joseph Prince. The more I tuned in, the faster my heart rate.…

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I have served as a leader in numerous churches. One of the interesting factors that I’ve noticed is that certain people appear in every church family. For the most part, I don’t think they are malicious but they are often misled. Here are 10 people that I think are in almost every church. 1. Mr.…

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I love the church. I mean I really love the church. I am 57 (I know I look much younger, thank you very much) and I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t actively involved in church. I started going to church before I was born and have missed very few Sundays in church. My mother…

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It was a vexing, soul-stirring, Sunday morning. First came my devotions, flaming with the words of Jesus on the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). Second was a New York Times article about the transmission of HIV through lesbian sexual relations. Third came a powerful sermon, from the pastor at the…

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I hate plumbing. Dark spaces, pipes conveniently located just where they’re impossible to reach, and a body never intended to contort like that. But the worst part, the thing that makes me dread plumbing, is that sound. You know the one: the inevitable, excruciating, sanctification-challenging sound of water dripping from that just-fixed pipe. It doesn’t…

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Mark Driscoll is one of the today’s most talked about pastors. His controversial sermons and theological viewpoints have become a pinnacle foundation to his success. I myself admire his passion and zeal for the Lord. And while many people are standing against him amidst his most recent New York Times controversy, a recent open letter…

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