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Islamic State insurgents blew up an 80-year-old church in Syria’s northeastern province of Hassaka on Easter Sunday, Syrian state news agency SANA said. SANA, which did not report any casualties, said the militants had planted explosives inside the Church of the Virgin Mary in Tel Nasri, an Assyrian village in an area where Christian and Kurdish…

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Kenyan Christian leaders mourned and offered prayers on Easter Sunday for the 148 people, mostly Christian students, slaughtered last week at Garissa University College. The Kenyan government has meanwhile responded by bombing bases belonging to terror group al-Shabaab, which claimed responsibility for the attack. “We join the sufferings of the relatives and the victims with the sufferings…

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WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — Shifts in the world’s major religions will see Islam growing faster than any other faith, with the number of Muslims nearly equaling that of Christians by 2050. A new Pew Research Center study finds that with the exception of Buddhists, the world’s major religions will all see an increase in numbers by 2050, although some will…

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WASHINGTON — Evangelical churches need to focus more on preaching biblical truth in order to prepare children to defend historic Christian teachings on social issues like same-sex marriage and abortion from the “distorted” theology being propagated by the Christian left, evangelical author Chelsen Vicari said Wednesday. At a Family Research Council discussion on her new…

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British Prime Minister David Cameron has written an Easter Message where he said that even though he can’t call himself a “model church-going, God-fearing Christian,” he relies strongly on his faith, and believes that Christianity is “the bedrock of a good society.” Some, such as Madeleine Teahan, the associate editor of the Catholic Herald, have…

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I sometimes wonder how many Christians stop to think about how incredibly odd it is that crucifixes are used as works of art. Crucifixes adorn church architecture, classic paintings, sculpture, and even jewelry. But consider for a moment what a crucifix was originally. It was a means of execution. In fact, it was and is…

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California State University has deactivated an on-campus Christian group because the group has insisted on installing Christians as leaders. The university system is no longer recognizing the Cal State Stanislaus chapter of Chi Alpha, a Christian student organization, because those leadership restrictions allegedly violate an executive order of non-discrimination. Associate VP of Cal State Tim Lynch explained, “What…

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Ephesians 4:15 tells us we need to “speak the truth in love.” As Christ-followers, we are not to choose between being loving and being truthful. We are to be both. And notice too that we are to speak. Yes, there is “a time to keep silence, and a time to speak” (Ecclesiastes 3:7). But we dare not…

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Can we have reformation ministries? Yes. Can we have reformation churches? I don’t think so. Not yet. And I doubt true revival can come without them. We can have ministries staffed by a few radicals who will faithfully carry and release the burning messages of God. People like Leonard Ravenhill did this powerfully. But to…

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One might think that the District of Columbia, our nation’s capital, would be particularly vigilant in defending the freedoms fundamental to American life. Unfortunately, the District’s City Council has now seen fit to intervene into the life of religious institutions and insist that such institutions handle some topics in ways amenable to the Council’s opinions.…

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That Jesus Isn’t Human Cherith Fee Nordling Christians profess Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Scripture, the historic creedal traditions, and the church’s worship robustly intersect at this point. However, when we examine what it means that Jesus is God’s Son, it’s not long before some common misperceptions—let’s be frank, false teachings—come to light.…

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