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Millions of American women of childbearing age take opioids — and many are swallowing the prescription painkillers before realizing they’re pregnant, endangering their unborn babies, federal health officials warned Thursday. In a first-ever analysis of the problem’s scope, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that a third of the young women enrolled in…

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We often compare the story of Hosea and Gomer to the story of God and Israel, and rightly so.Hosea 3:1 says: And the LORD said to me, “Go again, love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress, even as the Lord loves the children of Israel, though they turn to other…

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Pastors don’t preach against abortion for the same reason people procure abortions: fear, shame, and a lack of faith. Transcript: Just a few days ago, a fairly well known pastor in a conservative, Presbyterian denomination found himself in hot water when he confessed that he didn’t think the pulpit was an appropriate place to preach…

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America is, among other things, a nation of pill-poppers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all Americans have used a prescription drug in the last thirty days. Even more incredibly, more than one in five have used at least three prescriptions in the last month. And that’s just the legal users.…

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“If evangelical Christianity is famous for anything in contemporary American politics, it is for its complete opposition to gay marriage. Now, slowly yet undeniably, evangelicals are changing their minds.” Those are the words of Elizabeth Dias, a Time magazine writer who penned an article that aims to demonstrate: “How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage.”…

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People around the world are being persecuted and killed for their beliefs. Wars are raging. Millions are living in poverty. Hearing about these things, we often find ourselves asking the question—sometimes out loud, sometimes just in our heads—”Where is God in all this?” It’s a question that believers have struggled with for centuries, and it’s…

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John Ensor, president of Passion Life Ministries, recently sat down with Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae and John Piper to discuss abortion and racism, as we mark Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 18) and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (January 19). This is a compelling discussion about the story behind Lecrae’s song “Good, Bad, Ugly,”…

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A pair of lawmakers in Mississippi have introduced a bill to make the Bible the official state book, the two said on Monday. State Representatives Michael Evans and Tom Miles, both Democrats, said they introduced the measure on Thursday as a way to encourage people to read the Bible and be inspired to treat others…

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The evangelical pro-life movement began quietly, I would, suggest in 1975, two years after Roe v. Wade, when Dr. Harold O.J. Brown, working with C. Everett Koop, opened the Christian Action Council. What woke the evangelical conscience, however, was Francis Schaeffer, also with Dr. Koop, releasing a video, Whatever Happened to the Human Race, in 1979. Over…

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“I support the right of people to believe what they do and say what they wish—in their pews, homes and hearts.” So says an influential New York Times journalist. In other words, “Keep your religion in the closet.” In his Jan. 10 Times editorial, “Your God and My Dignity: Religious Liberty, Bigotry, and Gays,” Frank Bruni writes, “I’ve been…

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Something pure (ἁγνός hagnos) is set apart or holy; such a thing is “free from ceremonial defilement.” This word indicates two main things about Christ-honoring art: it should not glory in sin, and it should not be tainted by unbiblical worldviews. Most Christians think that holiness in art can be achieved superficially. As in, if…

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Often, testimonies within the church go something like this: 1. I thought I was a Christian, but…. 2. God did [blank] in my life… 3. …And now I’m at this amazing place and I’m not struggling anymore at all! Evangelical Christians have developed a rather confusing habit when it comes to sharing testimonies. We have…

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