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Persecuted is the epic story of a preacher who takes an incredible stand against the United States’ attempt to regulate all religion. Little did he know that his freedom of speech would soon be limited by the evil tactics of a United States Senator… and even the President. The film, produced by Guy Frederickson, the…

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At some point we've all number-oned on God's couch pillows. We've all lost focus. We've all made messes. We've even intentionally rebelled against our Father's rules. But God knows what He is dealing with.

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by Col. John Eidsmoe American Exceptionalism! Today we frequently hear that term in the media and academia, sometimes derisively, seldom defined.  It refers to the belief that there is something special about America, something that makes America different from, and perhaps better than, other nations.  Americans of older generations have grown up believing America is…

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[Note: This article is written in two parts, click here to read Part One.] by Col. John Eidsmoe As most of our readers are already aware, the Supreme Court released its ruling Thursday morning.  More eager to report it first than to report it correctly, television pundits stumbled over themselves as they read and reported,…

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by Col. John Eidsmoe During the March 27th oral arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care legislation, swing Justice Anthony Kennedy asked the U.S. Solicitor General a key question.  That question was, and is, "whether or not there are any limits on the Commerce Clause." Not only is this…

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by Jesse Locken I realized after writing my article discussing “The New Calvinism” as a propaganda tool, that I failed to explain where I saw the error in TIME Magazine’s interpretation of Calvinistic theology, and the problems I perceive within the theological movement of the New Calvinism and its acceptance of TIME’s portrayal of their…

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by Jesse Locken In 2009, TIME Magazine ran a series of stories titled “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now”, with the subheading: "The global economy is being remade before our eyes. Here's what's on the horizon." My guess is that most people would look at the list of ten ideas and not bother to…

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by Jesse Locken Mark Driscoll and his Seattle megachurch Mars Hill (MHC) has continued to draw increasing attention in the press, typically in reference to controversy. Whether it’s Driscoll’s views on male/female relationships and marriage, Mars Hill’s “church discipline” practices, and even acts of vandalism to church property, it seems as if there is no…

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by Wes Moore American Heart Services (AHS) was once a thriving business. With multiple locations in virtually every U. S. city, number one market share, and the best heart remedy products on the market, AHS was hard to beat. Over the past 20 years, however, AHS has been in a steady decline. Sales in 85%…

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by Wes Moore I had just walked into the church building. Out of one ear I heard a lady ask, “Any kids today?” “No,” the other lady replied. “None yet.” This was a conversation between two senior adults just before the morning worship service began. They were trying to figure out if they needed to…

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by Wes Moore A researcher out of the University of North Carolina says conservatives have lost faith in science over the last forty years. [1] The study, authored by Gordon Gaulet, tracked trust in science by political affiliation based on the General Social Survey, originally performed in 1974 and then every other year from 1994…

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by Wes Moore Sometimes in debates or discussions with atheists, the unbeliever uses the argument, “Well, you don’t have to believe in God to be moral.” In most cases, the Christian simply concedes the point and moves on. I understand why we do this. I’ve even done it myself. However, I want to point out…

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