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When a prophet calls down fire from heaven, it’s wise to stand to the side. That’s how I felt a few weeks ago when John Perkins, the revered preacher and civil rights activist, brought up prosperity gospel pastor Creflo Dollar during a live interview I was conducting with Perkins at a summit on racial reconciliation.…

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Faith is not what some people think it is. Their human dream is a delusion. Because they observe that faith is not followed by good works or a better life, they fall into error, even though they speak and hear much about faith. “Faith is not enough,” they say, “You must do good works, you…

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Presidential candidate Rand Paul made headlines last week by turning the rhetorical tables on Progressives on the issue of abortion. When pressed by the media to articulate specifically his position on abortion, Paul responded, “Why don’t we ask the DNC: Is it okay to kill a seven-pound baby in the uterus? You go back and…

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Outline Introduction/Prayer (00:00–00:45) Suffering for the Sake of Christ (00:45–04:08) To be “enlightened” (Hebrews 10:32) probably means to be converted (see 2 Corinthians 4:6). It was not easy for these believers to become Christians (“you endured a hard struggle with sufferings”). (Hebrews 10:32) Some Christians suffered, and others suffered by serving the sufferers (Hebrews 10:33). They…

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The human body starts dying at age 25. Our twenties slap us with the expiration date of sin’s curse (Genesis 6:3): slowly, in our ligaments; tightly, in our muscle fibers; subtly, checking for bumps; decimally, with a rising BMI. We feel death in our twenties; emotionally and relationally, in ugly and odious ways. Death latches…

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For years, I have read news headlines in Christian and secular outlets, from conservatives and liberals alike, stating that “90% of babies with Down syndrome are aborted.” As I have argued before, and as a new study demonstrates, it’s just not true. Correcting this common misconception matters both in providing accurate information to pregnant women…

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A woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after reportedly throwing a “molotov cocktail” at a prayer group. Pro-life activists were praying around a Planned Parenthood clinic when witnesses reported a woman throwing a “flaming object” out of her car window and at the intercessors. “Yesterday evening toward the end of the daily prayer…

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For Owen Strachan, convictions come with a cost. Strachan, an assistant professor of Christian theology and church history at Boyce College, has been pro-life for many years. It wasn’t until recently, however, that he decided to act on his conviction. “I’ve been convictionally pro-life for a long time, but hadn’t taken an opportunity to get…

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Old blessing

You probably wouldn’t see him doing so, but he’s faithfully hanging the church sign every Friday night and taking it down every Sunday. You probably wouldn’t see her doing so, but she’s faithfully coordinating with others to ensure that there will be enough food at church gatherings. You probably wouldn’t see them doing so, but…

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( – The Iowa Supreme Court is currently deciding whether to uphold a ban on Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s (PPH) webcam abortions in which off-site physicians remotely dispense two abortion-inducing drugs to patients they have not examined. “This is a national test case,” saidMatthew Heffron, an attorney for theThomas More Society, after the high court…

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In his final letter, Paul charges Timothy, his son in the faith, to “do the work of an evangelist” (2 Tim. 4:5). By these words, the aged Apostle establishes the timeless standard for pastoral ministry, not only for young Timothy but for all pastors in every generation and in every place. With Apostolic authority, this imperative…

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