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As a general principle, if we hear a criticism repeatedly, we should take it seriously, no matter how unfounded or painful it may initially seem. I had an opportunity to practice this principle when a thoughtful student recently asked in class, “Why don’t Calvinists care about missions?” I believe the charge is largely unfounded, so…

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youth witnessing

“We are in danger of rapidly losing what it means to feel compassion for those held in the grip of sin on this broken planet… But for Jesus, the very sight of those crushed beneath the boot of the Adversary was nothing short of gut-wrenching. He was compelled to do something about it!” Tom Elliff,…

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Russian ice dancer Elena Ilinykh publicly crossed herself after her performance of “Swan Lake” with partner Nikita Katsalapov won the bronze medal. Two days earlier, Russian athlete Elena Nikitina publicly crossed herself before winning the bronze medal in the skeleton run. The gestures are evidence that the Orthodox Church is reviving in Russia, a country…

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Let’s be honest. When churches talk about “reaching out across socioeconomic boundaries,” they are talking about middle class (and wealthier) people reaching out to poorer folks. You don’t see many rundown churches in economically depressed areas starting outreach programs for Volvo-driving soccer moms who live in housing developments with names like “The Pines at Oakbrooke…

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The Supreme Court on Friday granted a group of Catholic nuns from Colorado a temporary exemption from President Obama’s controversial Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” which requires employers to cover contraceptives in their employees’ health care plans. The Little Sisters of the Poor declared in writing “that they are non-profit organizations that hold themselves out…

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For many of our contemporaries, no one sums up missionaries of an earlier era like Nathan Price. The patriarch in Barbara Kingsolver’s 1998 novel, The Poisonwood Bible, Price tries to baptize new Congolese Christians in a river filled with crocodiles. He proclaims Tata Jesus is bangala!, thinking he is saying, “Jesus is beloved.” In fact, the phrase…

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(Reuters) – Reported cases of Christians killed for their faith around the world doubled in 2013 from the year before, with Syria accounting for more than the whole global total in 2012, according to an annual survey. Open Doors, a non-denominational group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, said on Wednesday it had documented 2,123 “martyr” killings, compared with…

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By: Ray Ortlund “. . . a friend of tax collectors and sinners!”  Luke 7:34 What does it mean for a church to be gospel-centered?  That’s a popular concept these days.  Good.  What if we were scrambling to be law-centered?  But the difference is not so easy in real terms. A gospel-centered church holds together…

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By: Thom Rainer Predicting is as much of an art as it is a science. And if any prognosticator is honest, he or she will tell you that they don’t always get it right. I know. I certainly don’t always get it right. But I don’t pull my predictions out of thin air. To the…

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Mary and John Harper* served in South Asia as Southern Baptist representatives through gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions and Cooperative Program, which fund the presence and missions outreach of nearly 5,000 Southern Baptist personnel internationally. Gifts to the Lottie Moon offering are received through local Southern Baptist churches…

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Students in Osun, Nigeria  (Osun state government)

Educational reforms in Nigeria’s Osun state have created religious tensions in schools, resulting in Islamist youths beating a Christian principal unconscious last month, Christian leaders said. The state in southwestern Nigeria reclassified schools in September, thus merging those originally founded by Christian missionaries with other schools. The mergers, including the blending of single-sex schools with…

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Christian Aid fears inadequate shelter will put the lives of Syrian refugees at risk this winter. The development agency fears one of the harshest winters in years may be just around the corner. Countries neighbouring Syria are struggling to cope with a seven-fold increase in the number of refugees arriving in the last year as a…

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