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The tireless work of missionaries can only be fueled by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. (J. Lee Grady)

“I am convinced that anybody with as much boldness as Althea Meyer is not doing this kind of work because she enjoys the punishment. She does it because the Holy Spirit gives supernatural courage to those who are sent on divine assignment.” -J. Lee Grady Pentecostals get a bad rap these days from all sides. Secularists…

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WHEN YOU HEAR Katie Davis’ story, or read her amazing book, Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, you might find yourself searching for background clues as to how a senior class president and homecoming queen from Tennessee finds herself moving to Uganda, starting a nonprofit organization, and beginning the process to…

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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC — International groups and mission organizations, including Bible translation teams working in the  Central African Republic, are fleeing the troubled nation as escalating fighting threatens expatriate staff. Wycliffe Associates decided to evacuate its foreign workers this month after fighters looted and pillaged its team’s work. Violence in the Central African Republic (CAR)…

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An international relief agency plans to airlift some 3,400 Christians out of Sudan, where they face increasing persecution from the Islamist government. The Barnabas Fund has already whisked about 5,000 Christians from the embattled country, where President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has vowed to create a “a 100 percent Islamic constitution, without communism or secularism or…

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Christian Aid has launched an emergency appeal in response to deadly flooding and landslides that have devastated parts of northern India. Some 20,000 people are missing and Disaster Management Minister Yashpal Arya said as many as 5,000 people may have died. The floods were triggered by heavy monsoon rains. In the worst affected Uttarakhand state,…

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What can an ordinary person like me do to help the poor?” When people find out at parties and social gatherings that I am a development economist (and yes, we economists do attend such events), often they ask me this question. For a long time my response was the same: “Perhaps sponsor a child?” I…

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When leaving the San Pedro Sula airport, the van carrying 15 excited, chattering Aiken residents grew quieter as they began taking in the sights of Honduras. A few “wows” were murmured as they looked through the tinted windows at dilapidated homes and litter lining the roads, police standing in the streets with assault rifles, horse-drawn…

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After eight years of imprisonment under false accusations and numerous delays in justice proceedings, a Gospel for Asia-sponsored missionary in India has been released. Brother Samuel was arrested in 2004 in Jharkhand, India, on charges of participating in insurgency riots that left 19 dead. Despite avowing his innocence from the beginning and having no connection…

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Chris and Bethany Priebe say Christians’ greatest ‘mission’ in Phoenix may be relationship. In order to love one’s neighbors, one must first know who they are—a teaching that’s much easier said than done in a place like Phoenix. One of the largest U.S. metro areas, Phoenix is home to a multitude of transplants but surprisingly…

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Tierra Nueva ministry reaches drug addicts, migrant workers, and other downtrodden people living in Washington State. Each year, snow geese fly 3,000 miles from the tip of Siberia, across Alaska, down the coast of Canada to their wintering home in the rich agricultural hub of Skagit Valley, Washington. The geese fly back to the arctic…

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In every city, you will find them: storefront churches, often next to liquor stores and laundromats, nearly imperceptible except to those neighbors looking for shelter and spiritual sustenance. And in Detroit, the need for shelter and spiritual sustenance is great. Yet so is the sense that change, however slow and halting, is possible, on the…

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