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Mission without Borders supporters are giving up their loose change this Lent to provide chickens for deprived families in Eastern Europe. Every £40 raised will provide a family with a batch of 10 chickens which can then be used to keep a family alive and help them out of poverty. Viorel Bulmaga received chickens for…

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Hunters across Louisiana are outraged after state health officials ordered a rescue mission to destroy $8,000 worth of deer meat because venison is not allowed to be served in homeless shelters. The Dept. of Health and Hospitals ordered the staff at the Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission to throw 1,600 pounds of donated venison in garbage bins – and…

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When my church commissioned me nearly ten years ago to move to the Middle East, a vision for the common good of the cities to which we were sent was not part of our lives. Instead, we focused narrowly on one thing: converting Muslims through force of argument to Christianity. In fact, we fortified ourselves…

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When Hurricane Sandy hit New York City last fall, thousands were forced from their homes. Months later, many are still displaced. But shelters in the city have been providing a place to sleep for the homeless long before this crisis. They’re also restoring hope. Rebuilding Lives The Bowery Mission in lower Manhattan first opened its doors…

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The Seed Company has set its sights on translating Scripture into languages with 10,000 or fewer native speakers.  MNOnline reports that the project is receiving support from The Bolthouse Foundation. While Bible translation projects often focus on the largest language groups first, the two organisations felt a shared concern for the 2,000 remaining Bible-less language…

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His world was going up in flames — literally. Firefighter Christopher Ryan* was engulfed by pitch-black smoke and scorching heat amid an intense blaze on the second floor of a townhome when he and his partner, a veteran firefighter, realized they couldn’t find the way out. “I heard my partner screaming … [telling] us to…

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Malcom Bradshaw is working with other Christians to feed the destitute in Athens

Unemployment in Greece has spiralled in the last year, with more than half of young people out of work. The things that were once considered basics are now luxuries, says the Reverend Jimoh Adebayo. He and his church are helping to run a soup kitchen in central Athens that is feeding around 700 people each…

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To bring holiday cheer to U.S. military missing their families while deployed in Afghanistan, an 11-year-old Florida girl has mobilized an army of her own. Savannah Maddison Ogden of Weston, Fla., is the creator of “Savannah’s Soldiers,’’ a letter-writing campaign that has resulted in children sending an estimated 25,000 letters to soldiers serving in Afghanistan,…

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The Iranian government indicted a 32-year-old Iranian-American pastor this week on unknown charges after he traveled to Iran to help build an orphanage and visit family. Saeed Abedini, a Muslim convert to Christianity, has been harassed by the Iranian government for more than a decade because of his work in the house church movement in…

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The youth wing of the ruling United Russia party’s held a protest on Thursday calling for a ban on Mormon missionaries in Russia, charging that they were potential American spies. “This is an American sect,” said Ekaterina Stenyakina, co-chair of Young Guard’s coordinating committee, the RIA Novosti news agency reported. “They are funded by the…

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Can passion for the world to come actually bear good fruit in this present world? Doesn’t such a future orientation make us subject to the old charge that Christians are so heavenly minded we’re no earthly good? Doesn’t it lead to a withdrawal from this present world? Certainly many people have thought so. Henry David…

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Burning Man is a late-summer festival held annually in the bleak Nevada desert north of Reno. Fifty thousand people gather on the barren alkali lakebed called Black Rock Playa to camp, party, create art, and burn things—big things—culminating in the immolation of a large effigy, the source of the festival’s title. During the week it…

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