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The famously influential Nicene Creed contains a line that modern Christians sometimes misunderstand:  “I believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church.” The word “catholic” can be a source of confusion for those who think it is referring to the Roman Catholic Church, but the word simply means “universal.” This leads us, then, to consider…

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For more than 200 years, London has been a repository for some of the globe’s most remarkable cultural treasures. Friends embrace during Refugee Week, an annual event celebrating refugees’ cultural contributions to the U.K. Events highlighted refugees’ influences in the arts, music and food, and allowed networking among ethnicities. In an hour’s stroll through the…

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As you’re reading this, I’m in Italy leading a Southern Seminary study tour through Rome. In the past two days, I’ve spent time praying in Saint John Lateran Cathedral here, and in the ruins of the ancient Christian catacombs. It struck me that we Christians sometimes forget the paradoxical grace of God in giving us…

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President Barack Obama might have known better than to have picked a fight with Catholics. History would tell him that they rarely lose. During the 1920s, Mexican President Plutarco Elías Calles found that out the hard way. As this year’s historical epic For Greater Glory shows, Catholics don’t give up without a long and bloody…

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Why do you want to fight in the war? The blunt question sprang suddenly into Jasmin’s mind, surprising the spiritually seeking Croatian soldier with its clarity. It happened in 1991, at the start of the war in the former Yugoslavia. He responded, “I want to fight for good, to defend my country. I want to…

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“Be the last of a dying breed, it’s time that we man up.” That’s the last line of the new “Man Up Anthem” from Christian rap group 116 Clique. The song is just one sliver of a growing campaign launched last year by rapper Lecrae, 32, and his Reach Records in Atlanta, to get young…

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In the March issue of Credo Magazine, “Make Disciples of All Nations,” we interviewed Kenneth Stewart, Professor of Theological Studies at Covenant College and the author of Ten Myths About Calvinism (IVP). Here is what Ken had to say about Calvinism and Missions… Calvinism is largely anti-missionary. True or False? It is historically false. Surprisingly,…

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Brazil is sending the second highest number of missionaries to the rest of the world, according to the director of a Global Christianity study organisation. Of 400,000 global missionaries that were sent to foreign countries in 2010, Brazil sent 34,000, second behind the United States, which sent 127,000. The statistics were presented by Todd Johnson,…

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A missionary from Manmin, a Korean Megachurch, spoke about challenges that face Christians in China (name is not published for her safety). She said that in communist China, there are two churches: one is underground and consists of believers who are persecuted, and the other is the official church which is recognized and controlled by…

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Jessica Buchanan, the woman rescued from Somalia bandits by U.S. special forces, is so dedicated to helping others that she sold all of her belongings to become a missionary in Somalia. Buchanan, 32, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She graduated from Valley Forge University, a Christian college in Phoenixville, Pa., in 2007. She was a…

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Jane was in the middle of explaining how God had called her family to one of the toughest areas in Central Asia when the Skype connection went dead. A few minutes later their backup generator kicked on, the couple called back and the conversation resumed. Jane and Jack, who are unable to use their real…

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