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An Employment Tribunal in the case of Sarah Mbuyi, a Christian nursery worker who expressed her opinion on marriage, has heard that Christian views on the topic should not be expressed in the workplace. Witnesses and legal counsel for the employer made the hostile comments at Miss Mbuyi’s hearing this week. Dismissal Last year she…

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I’m glad that we can still laugh at the death of the American Republic. The WSJ reports that everyone had a good chuckle at the Supreme Court this week during a discussion of the Affordable Care Act. The government lawyer derided Justice Alito’s suggestion that there would be no harm if the Court gutted the system of…

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The city council of Charlotte, N.C., the hometown of world-renowned Evangelist Billy Graham, narrowly voted on Monday to reject a proposed expansion to the town’s non-discrimination law that would have made it legal for transgender persons to use bathrooms and other public facilities designated for the opposite sex. After hearing four hours of public input from supporters and opponents…

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Icelandic atheist group Vantru has suggested it would like to register all newborn children as atheist members, mocking the National Church’s practice of automatically registering babies if their mothers belong to the church. “In a satirical statement to highlight the flaws of the National Church, the atheist society revealed that everyone would be a member of the organization until they deregistered…

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A small, Christian college in South Carolina said on Friday it had not banned gay students or homosexuality from its campus under its controversial new “Statement on Human Sexuality,” which calls the practice sinful. Erskine College has received scrutiny for its board of trustees’ decision last week, characterized by some media outlets as a ban on homosexuality.…

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Speaking at Westminster Theological Seminary’s second-ever “Real State of the Union” conference last Saturday, three Christian scholars stressed to attendees that it is time for Christians to faithfully stand up in the public square and reclaim America’s Judeo-Christian heritage from what has become a prominently secular society. “I am calling on all believers to have a…

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A new study reveals a staggering amount of Americans believe U.S. President Barack Obama is a Muslim. The survey, conducted by Alex Theodoridis with the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, bluntly asked participants what Obama believes “deep down.” “By asking ‘What [does] Obama believe deep down?’ I was intentionally granting respondents license to stray from the president’s self-reported…

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