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Immoral and Unwise David P. Gushee At the moment my fingers hit these keys, the U.S. government debt had reached $17.071 trillion, or $58,853 per citizen. Our debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio sat at 107 percent. Our credit rating had fallen to AA plus, with a negative outlook—the first time our rating has…

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The nuns are NOT happy. And rightfully so. As if the Obama administration forcing Christian-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby into a corner over distributing the abortion pill to its employees isn’t enough, now, they are targeting actual religious groups – you know, that one thing they promised not to do. Just tack it on to the list…

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“45 liberals- including women and children- were killed, several tortured to death.” Can you imagine the outcry? It would be the only thing passed around on Facebook as every media outlet would be all over it. Of course you haven’t heard this story because it didn’t happen… to liberals. It did happen to Christians. In…

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A pastor’s plea to not sit on the sidelines and hope this horrific genocide of the unborn works itself out By MATT CHANDLER Jan. 22 will be the 41st anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. Our Saturday Series this month will have sermons and articles related to abortion. To start the…

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Every day, we move forward toward a goal. But what if we are actually moving backward? In my last post, I talked about how C.S. Lewis viewed “progress” in general. While he was certainly not against progress, he warned against pursuing progress for its own sake. Instead, he said, we need to actively reevaluate whether…

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The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is one of the top priorities of pro-life groups like the Susan B. Anthony List in 2014. The SBA List calls seeing the bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives one of the highlights of 2013. SBA'a Vice President for Government Affairs, former Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Colo., says…

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More people than ever are identifying themselves as having 'no religion' according to new research. Two surveys conducted by YouGov reveal that out of 8,455 British adults polled, 38 per cent – 3,199 in total – said they have 'no religion'. This is most notable in younger generations, with almost half (48 per cent) of…

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I’m interrupting my series on Common Core State Standards for public schools to join the appeal to Iran and North Korea for the release of American hostages like imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini and missionary Kenneth Bae. I’m also calling upon President Obama and Congress to step up their action, stand for religious freedom and fight…

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A federal judge has made a ruling suggests that Utah’s laws criminalizing polygamy are unconstitutional, in a case involving the Brown family featured on TLC’s reality series “Sister Wives.” U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups’ ruling attacks sections of Utah’s law making cohabitation illegal, saying in his decision that the phrase “or cohabits with another person” is a violation of…

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A few days after a group of Satanists announced plans to donate a memorial on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol, a Hindu organization said it would apply for permission to erect a statue of Hanuman. The two groups suggested that Oklahoma legislators opened the door to such displays when they pushed through a bill…

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