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Justin Bieber has embraced his on and off again Christian faith recently as he was seen attending Pastor Judah Smith’s Bible study at the City Church in Los Angeles with former girlfriend Selena Gomez on Wednesday night. The 20-year-old pop star has also taken to his social media accounts lately to post faith-inspired tweets and…

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A popular writer and singer of CCM worship songs, Vicky Beeching, came out as gay Wednesday in an interview with the U.K. newspaper The Independent. “What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love,” said the 35-year-old Anglican, who recently left the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) world to become a TV…

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Declining ratings and various controversies have people asking if the end of the Robertson family’s redneck royal reign is in sight. But Willie and Korie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” told FOX411 their time in the spotlight is far from over. “To some extent it’s a natural cycle of any show,” Willie told FOX411. “You have…

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Will Christianity also become as offensive as racism? The United Nations defines racism as “any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, skin colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin”. So treating people different because they are from a different tribe or ethnic group is racist. We could ask the same about Judaism and…

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Aren’t Buddhist monks adorable?  They meditate for days without needing to go to the toilet. They talk to each other in ‘grasshopper’ haikus. Their pot bellies are full of wholesome vegetarian fare. Your package tour to Southeast Asia isn’t complete without a sprinkling of them begging politely in the markets. Hollywood stars hire them for…

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The New Atheists are once again provoking controversy, this time with their comments on Gaza which has prompted divisions among those better known for presenting a united front against religion. Over the past decade, the likes of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Richard Carrier have tended to focus their criticism on Abrahamic…

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Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) are much less likely to be religious than non-LGBT Americans, according to a new Gallup poll. Just less than half of LGBT Americans said religion is important in their daily lives, compared with about two-thirds of non-LGBT Americans. Moreover, about 40 percent of non-LGBT adults…

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Devout Christian and child star Alexa Vega offered a rare account of what life is like in Hollywood this week. Vega’s most recent project is “The Remaining,” a horror film based on Revelation 8 & 9 that hits theaters next month, but the actress is best known for her role in 2001′s “Spy Kids” and…

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Actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his home on Monday, and many have wondered about Williams’ faith and how it played a role in his life and death. Williams was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in the Episcopal Church. He often used his faith as a punchline in his comedy routines.…

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As Western nations evacuate their citizens from West Africa’s growing Ebola outbreak, some Christian leaders have begun to speak of the virus as a curse from God. On Friday (August 8), the World Health Organization declared the Ebola crisis ravaging the region an international health emergency. On the same day, Nigeria became the latest country…

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Pro-life abortion restrictions taking hold across the country are having unintended consequences in a few states with less regulation: women traveling across state lines to kill their babies. Half of the abortions performed in Kansas, more than a third of those in North Dakota, and almost a quarter in Tennessee are considered “out of state,”…

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