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One might think that the District of Columbia, our nation’s capital, would be particularly vigilant in defending the freedoms fundamental to American life. Unfortunately, the District’s City Council has now seen fit to intervene into the life of religious institutions and insist that such institutions handle some topics in ways amenable to the Council’s opinions.…

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It should be a no-brainer to know that pornography destroys marriages. After all, habitually viewing pornography “sets up formidable walls between couples: guilt, unrealistic sexual expectations, addictive behaviors, and the erosion of trust, to name just a few.” Another words, as “The Intimate Couple” puts it, pornography can be a “barrier to intimacy.” As a…

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For Owen Strachan, convictions come with a cost. Strachan, an assistant professor of Christian theology and church history at Boyce College, has been pro-life for many years. It wasn’t until recently, however, that he decided to act on his conviction. “I’ve been convictionally pro-life for a long time, but hadn’t taken an opportunity to get…

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When I tell people from other countries that I am Swiss and planting a church in Basel, the conversation often changes to at least one of these topics: mountains, banks, watches, chocolate, or cheese. We all know these Swiss stereotypes. I have to admit that they apply to Basel, but not exactly in the way you might think.…

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A new Pew survey of 44 countries reiterates what other surveys have shown for years: Americans are more religious and Americans are more hopeful about their ability to improve their future than are other wealthy countries. Americans are more prone to think hard work will uplift, to reject thinking that outside forces control their destinies, to be…

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A British organization that specializes in combating graphic sexual content on the Internet has published a study showcasing the trend in youth-produced sexual content posted online. The Internet Watch Foundation released a report Tuesday that outlines what it calls “a disturbing trend” of “younger children … producing sexually explicit content which is being distributed online.” For its report, IWF analyzed 3,803 images and videos from…

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Jeff Farmer believes in the righteous mission of World Vision. Founded by missionary Bob Pierce in 1950, World Vision today is one of America’s largest Christian charities with 44,000 staff members in nearly 100 countries and an annual income of nearly $1 billion. Dedicated to working with children and their families worldwide to help them…

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It used to be considered standard for women wait until they were 12 weeks along before announcing they’re expecting. Past this point, they breathe a sigh of relief knowing the risk of miscarriage has greatly diminished. After the first trimester, women slowly move past some of the initial exhaustion and nausea and feel more comfortable…

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