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So, a Muslim and an atheist walk into a church. “Who’s taking the service today?” asks the Muslim. “I think it’s my turn,” says the atheist. “You did it last week.” If that happened in a church, we’d probably be outraged – not because we have anything against either Muslims or atheists, but because it…

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In several scenes of the movie Blended, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, an all-male singing group accompanies shots of the movie’s characters and punctuates the plot. “Welcome to Africa,” the group sings as families arrive at a resort in an unnamed African country. “We are blending!” they sing, as American stepfamilies participate in family…

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In any discussion about the future of religion in America, especially as it relates to stalled growth in churches and denominations, those outside our religious communities find one theory especially compelling. This is the idea: that young Evangelicals are frustrated with Christian orthodoxy’s strict standards of sexual morality. We’re told that these young Evangelicals will…

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For Americans who’d prefer a less invasive federal government, and an executive branch with more modest views of its own authority, several events leading up to Independence Day offered a welcome respite. The big question, however, is whether small-government conservatives—beleaguered for so long—will know when they’re ahead of the game. The recent winning streak for…

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When I met Louis Zamperini at the Billy Graham Library here in Charlotte on a hot June morning in 2011, dozens of eager fans had already formed a long line outside, clutching water bottles and copies of the book that had made the World War II veteran famous. The decorated war hero—who died yesterday at…

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The 6th century, B.C., was a tumultuous one for the Hebrew people. Always beset and troubled by enemies, the Jewish state, barely holding out in the territory of Judah and its capitol city, Jerusalem, was finally and fully conquered by the Babylonian Empire in 586 B.C. The land was emptied out, and the people were…

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I am absolutely convinced that the only way we are going to achieve any semblance of a genuine solution to our country’s ills is to resurrect patriot pulpits and liberty churches. There is no other solution. The Republican Party is just as much a part of the problem as is the Democrat Party. Conservatives are…

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There is an old joke that goes something like, “Can a Christian have a demon?” The answer of course is “Why would you want one?” A similar question, “Can a horror story be redemptive?” will be asked regarding the new thriller/horror movie, “Deliver Us from Evil.” The answer here is “Yes.” Scott Derrickson, the writer…

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Ben Carson is holding no punches on the abortion interview. In an interview with DoveTV’s Perry Atkinson, Carson was asked what he thought about the hot-button issue—specifically, if solving it would solve the rest of America’s spiritual problems to an extent. “It’s interesting that we sit around and call other ancient civilizations ‘heathen’ because of…

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If Jesus returned today, which form of government would He choose? Democracy? Would He “get out the vote,” give “power to the people,” or lead a popular uprising? Communism? Would Christ redistribute wealth and bar social classes, leading a commune that shares everything? Perhaps a monarchy? Would He rule as a king and take supreme…

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About half a million people marched through downtown Hong Kong Tuesday with a message for Beijing: We won’t accept sham democracy. The high turnout reflects anger that China’s central government is backtracking on its promise to hold a free and fair election for the city’s chief executive in 2017. Tuesday’s rally followed a 10-day unofficial…

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The idea of freedom of religion, enshrined in the First Amendment, is now under serious attack on college campuses by political correctness At Bowdoin College in Maine, the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, which has existed for 40 years, will no longer be recognized by the college. According to The New York Times, “…the college has disabled…

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