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In the South Sea Islands there is an interesting religious movement known as the Cargo Cult. It arose as a native response to the arrival of Europeans laden with the rich fruits of their culture–tools, furniture, clothing, a dazzling cornucopia of goods. The islanders, seeing the lavish beneficence of the Western gods, abandoned their own…

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The Robertsons of “Duck Dynasty” are known for their faith and family values so it’s not surprise they often get compared to “19 Kids & Counting’s” Duggar family. The comparison is welcome, Sadie Robertson told E! News. “It doesn’t bother me at all,” the 17-year-old told E! “I’ve actually met the Duggars once and they’re…

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There’s no shortage of great new books to fill your fall reading list, but every once and a while, it’s good to throw in a few classics. Here’s a look at nine of our favorites that—even if you’ve read them before—are worth revisiting again soon. Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan If you haven’t picked up…

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The Southern Baptist Convention’s lead ethicist told international religious leaders Tuesday (Nov. 18) at the Vatican they should defend man-woman marriage for the common good, but Christians also must champion it for the sake of the Gospel. Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), provided an evangelical Protestant viewpoint on…

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“In an average week, one-in-five Americans share their religious faith online, about the same percentage that tune in to religious talk radio, watch religious TV programs or listen to Christian rock music. And nearly half of U.S. adults see someone else share their religious faith online in a typical week.” That’s the opening paragraph of…

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In The Great and Holy War, Philip Jenkins helps us to see a familiar topic from a different angle.  He explores the role of religion, public and personal, during the years of World War I.  What emerge from his study are new insights into the way religious consciousness changed during the twentieth century and how…

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Reformation Heritage Books has announced it will release The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible this month. The study Bible provides thoughts for personal and family devotions for every chapter, three-dozen articles on how to live the Christian life, and guidance on how to experience the truths of the Bible. There are also more than 50…

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Preston Yancey came to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, a Baptist and graduated an Anglican. He came into his college years, Yancey says, with “a lot of expectations—not only about who God was, but about the ways He chose to operate in the world and my participation in that.” He came to the centuries-old church…

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The wounds of a friend are faithful. I regard Martin Saunders as a ‘friend’ and therefore his article as faithful. It wounded. And then some. According to Martin my article on Steve Chalke’s latest attack on Evangelical Christianity was rude, discourteous, ungracious, unloving and not nice. Ouch! I accept of course that that sometimes happens…

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When Christian leaders scramble to make material “relevant” to millennials, they not only miss the point, they fail to be true to biblical teaching, David Benham told Christian Examiner. Believers should focus on being “resistant” to the things of the world, instead of being “relevant” to the world – said one of the popular Benham…

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A new movie slated to open in theaters on November 14 seeks to keep the Christmas holiday message rooted in Scripture. Kirk Cameron, star of Fireproof and Unstoppable, returns to theaters with his newest film, Saving Christmas. In the film, Kirk is all set to enjoy his sister’s annual Christmas party until he realizes the…

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Jackie Hill-Perry considers herself not merely an agent of change, but its embodiment as well. A Christian spoken-word poet from Chicago, Ms. Hill-Perry professes to be a former lesbian — a change she ascribes to God. God, she says, “not only changes your affections and your heart, but He gives you new affections that you…

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