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It is now the “gotcha” question being asked to every Republican presidential candidate: “Would you attend a same-sex ‘wedding’ ceremony?” Rick Santorum said no, since it would be a violation of his faith. Marco Rubio said yes, even though he disagrees with it as a Catholic, just as he disagrees with divorce and remarriage, but he would attend…

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Brother “Sadavir” regularly shared his faith among members of India’s Koya tribe in the thick forest of the Dantewada district. It eventually cost him his life. Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), one of the country’s two major political parties, and Bajrang Dal, the militant wing of the World Council of Hinduism, told the…

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The human body starts dying at age 25. Our twenties slap us with the expiration date of sin’s curse (Genesis 6:3): slowly, in our ligaments; tightly, in our muscle fibers; subtly, checking for bumps; decimally, with a rising BMI. We feel death in our twenties; emotionally and relationally, in ugly and odious ways. Death latches…

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Twenty-five years ago I converted to Christianity. Here is my story of how I “wandered into the faith.” I was born in Minnesota to a working-class family of typical blue-collar workers like what you see in the “let’s make fun of Minnesota” movies. I grew up in a congregation that was a merger of liberal churches. My hometown of…

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I believe there is a common thread that unites the new atheism, the radical left and the gay activist revolution. It is the philosophy that says, “We will not have God and His Son rule over us!” It is reminiscent of what is written in Psalm 2: “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the…

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Most proposed solutions to the problem of evil and suffering have been around for a long time, but Open Theism is more recent. Open theists believe that God does not and cannot know in advance the future choices that His free creatures will make. A leading proponent of open theism, Gregory Boyd, writes, “The open…

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When I first met Melissa Cain Travis, she was tucked away at a corner table in a Houston café, a rust-colored scarf around her neck. I recognized her from pictures, but she didn’t look like the academic I’d seen lecturing in videos. She was more like a mom-friend I’d meet for an afternoon play date,…

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C. S. Lewis was right. Pride is the ultimate sin because it is structured differently from all other sin. Pride is the sin of Satan and makes those who suffer from it most like Satan because it alone rejects the tiny, dirty spark of goodness within all other sin. Whether wrath, gluttony, envy, lust, or…

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How do we maintain an attitude of faith and victory in a messed-up, crazy world? How do we walk in confidence and holy optimism when things are collapsing around us? Every day, we are exposed to all kinds of bad news through the media, from the latest Islamic terrorist attacks to the latest moral madness,…

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