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So, a Muslim and an atheist walk into a church. “Who’s taking the service today?” asks the Muslim. “I think it’s my turn,” says the atheist. “You did it last week.” If that happened in a church, we’d probably be outraged – not because we have anything against either Muslims or atheists, but because it…

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For Americans who’d prefer a less invasive federal government, and an executive branch with more modest views of its own authority, several events leading up to Independence Day offered a welcome respite. The big question, however, is whether small-government conservatives—beleaguered for so long—will know when they’re ahead of the game. The recent winning streak for…

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Pope Francis promised to hold bishops accountable for the protection of minors and begged forgiveness Monday from the victims of clergy sex abuse as he held his first meeting with several abuse survivors. The pope celebrated a Mass with six survivors at his Vatican hotel Monday, but in his homily he didn’t spell out whether…

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Ben Carson is holding no punches on the abortion interview. In an interview with DoveTV’s Perry Atkinson, Carson was asked what he thought about the hot-button issue—specifically, if solving it would solve the rest of America’s spiritual problems to an extent. “It’s interesting that we sit around and call other ancient civilizations ‘heathen’ because of…

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In a 5 to 4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled Monday the federal government cannot require companies like Hobby Lobby to provide potentially abortifacient contraceptives to their employees in violation of their owners’ religious beliefs. Instead, the government has to offer Hobby Lobby and other similar companies the same accommodations it has already given to…

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The US Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a Massachusetts law that enforced a 35-foot speech-free buffer zone around abortion clinics, saying the law silenced a broader spectrum of speech than is necessary to protect the clinics and their patients. In a 9-to-0 decision, the high court ruled that the state law violated the free-speech…

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If you haven’t seen Atlas Shrugged I or Atlas Shrugged II, you’re hardly alone: both film adaptations of Ayn Rand’s novel fared poorly at the box office. The filmmakers evidently haven’t received the free market’s message. Contrary to Randian logic, a third and final installment is due in September, and to drum up viewership, producers…

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In the near countless debates and conversations I’ve had with both unbelievers and believers alike about Christianity, there are without a doubt three top stumbling blocks or “turn-off’s” that have surfaced in most conversations that are either one of the reasons non-Christians say they won’t consider Christ or that have caused Christians to struggle in…

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David Cameron has insisted that being a Christian helps make him a better politician. His comments came as he became the first prime minister since Margaret Thatcher to attend Britain’s national parliamentary “prayer breakfast”. It follows a debate over Mr Cameron’s remarks earlier this year that Britain is still a “Christian country” and that followers…

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As the Assemblies of God (AG) emerges from its first 100 years, it’s evident the movement is closer than ever to the founders’ vision of achieving “the greatest evangelism that the world has ever seen.” The AG has now experienced 24 consecutive years of growth in the U.S., according to new stats from AG National…

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“God so loved the world that HE DID SOMETHING!!” That is what it said on the bumper sticker I used to have on my car. The car is gone, and so is the bumper sticker. But I think it makes a very valid point. Our faith should call Christians to get off of their read-ends.…

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It’s hard not to think, as an evangelical Christian, that America’s cultural elites would like Christians to put yellow crosses on their sleeves to identify us as outcasts. I hate to make Nazi references, but liberal fascism, as Jonah Goldberg describes it, perfectly describes the mentality and actions of those on the left who cannot…

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