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As the Assemblies of God (AG) emerges from its first 100 years, it’s evident the movement is closer than ever to the founders’ vision of achieving “the greatest evangelism that the world has ever seen.” The AG has now experienced 24 consecutive years of growth in the U.S., according to new stats from AG National…

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“God so loved the world that HE DID SOMETHING!!” That is what it said on the bumper sticker I used to have on my car. The car is gone, and so is the bumper sticker. But I think it makes a very valid point. Our faith should call Christians to get off of their read-ends.…

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It’s hard not to think, as an evangelical Christian, that America’s cultural elites would like Christians to put yellow crosses on their sleeves to identify us as outcasts. I hate to make Nazi references, but liberal fascism, as Jonah Goldberg describes it, perfectly describes the mentality and actions of those on the left who cannot…

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The Hebrew calendar reflects the Jewish belief that human liberation comes before divine revelation. In the spring, we celebrated Passover commemorating the biblical account of the liberation from bondage. (The Christian counterpart is Easter, albeit with a very different history and a very different theology.) A few days ago, seven weeks later, we marked the…

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That year it was a Tuesday. June 6. My father turned on the radio that morning, as usual. This time, we heard: “Under the command of Gen. Eisenhower, Allied naval forces, supported by strong air forces, began landing Allied armies this morning on the northern coast of France.” D-Day. “The Longest Day.” A hinge of…

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Today marks the 25 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre that saw China’s People’s Liberation Army gun down hundreds of civilians in a brutal crackdown on protests against government corruption, lack of transparency and freedom of speech. The violent military response and the scale of bloodshed that ensued was followed by a further clampdown that…

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An American high school has backtracked after it banned a student from quoting a Bible verse at a graduation ceremony. Genesis Feliciano wanted to quote Jeremiah 29:11: “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a…

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Ron Reagan, 56, a son of the late Republican President Ronald Reagan, continues to starkly differentiate his views from those of his famous father. The younger Reagan, an outspoken political liberal, has taped a television commercial for the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation. “I’m Ron Reagan, an unabashed atheist, and I’m alarmed by the intrusions…

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Atheists lost their case against the “In God We Trust” motto on the nation’s currency Wednesday (May 28). It’s a battle they have lost several times before, as court after court has affirmed that printing and engraving the country’s motto on its money does not violate the U.S. Constitution. The plaintiffs, a group that included…

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We can blame the Internet for plenty: the proliferation of porn, our obsession with cat videos, the alleged rise of teen trends like – brace yourself – eyeball licking. But is it also a culprit in helping us lose our religion? A new study suggests it might be. Allen Downey, a computer scientist at Olin…

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There are many people who think that the tax favored status of churches is unconstitutional, bad tax policy and fattening – to the wallets of the mega pastors of the mega churches, prosperity preachers and televangelists.  Freedom From Religion Foundation has several cases targeting specific benefits and has been having some success, most notably in…

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Over the past few years, Anton LaVey and his book The Satanic Bible has grown increasingly popular, selling thousands of new copies. His impact has been especially pronounced in our nation’s capital. One U.S. senator has publicly confessed to being a fan of the The Satanic Bible while another calls it his “foundation book.” On…

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