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Faster than you can say separation of church and state, the New York Civil Liberties Union is taking constitutional affront at Mayor de Blasio’s plan to welcome religious organizations into the Universal Church of pre-kindergarten education. The NYCLU’s objections are both predictable and overwrought, although Executive Director Donna Lieberman is taking pains to make clear…

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Can a Bible be a “threat to national security”? For years, the government has employed the risk of “national security” excuse to infringe on a wide range of freedoms — like the right to pass through an airport security checkpoint unmolested, or read library books without Big Brother peeking over your shoulder. Michael L. “Mikey”…

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The fallout from the controversy about whether a Florida synagogue should have invited Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to give a speech at a Sabbath service continues to simmer. But while partisans are taking predictable stands on the issue, it’s distressing to see the way some officials at supposedly non-partisan Jewish organizations…

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An upstate New York town violated the constitutional ban against favoring one religion over another by opening nearly every meeting over an 11-year span with prayers that stressed Christianity, a federal court of appeals ruled Thursday. In what it said was its first case testing the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state, the U.S.…

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There are legitimate theological arguments on both sides of our political divide, but they are not equally well received. In America, it seems, one man’s moral teacher is another’s Torquemada — the difference is usually determined by party registration — and the returns on overt religiosity are mixed at best. As president, George W. Bush…

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A judge in the latest ACLU-generated Ten Commandments display case has suggested that the targeted high school cull out four commandments that refer to God in order to avoid a full-blown lawsuit. As reported by the Associated Press, the ACLU of Virginia has filed a complaint against the Narrows, Virginia, high school on behalf of…

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The Wisconsin group challenging the constitutionality of a cross on a war memorial in Rhode Island says it expects to prevail without the type of long legal battle that unfolded over a prayer banner ordered removed this year from a public high school. The Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote to Woonsocket Mayor Leo Fontaine this…

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Newsweek’s latest cover story, written by popular author Andrew Sullivan, encourages Americans to “forget the church” and just “follow Jesus.” Sullivan sees the problem of a politicized faith, one that focuses relentlessly on gaining power, changing laws, and regulating the morality of others. He sees contemporary Christianity as a faith obsessed with getting doctrines about…

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Anyone tempted by Rick Santorum’s proposal to knock a hole in the wall between church and state ought to consider the old maxim: “Be careful what you wish for — you might get it.” On the GOP presidential campaign trail, the former senator from Pennsylvania excoriates those who think the First Amendment means what it…

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How did Rick Santorum roll over Mitt Romney in all those primary states? Where did the energy come from? While pundits still insist that he won’t topple the moneyed Mitt—whose campaign still generates about as much excitement as the winter sport of curling—Santorum is holding onto the spotlight long enough to put religious populism front…

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When presidential candidate John F. Kennedy addressed a speech to a group of Protestant ministers in Houston, it was largely to calm fears that America’s first Catholic president would be beholden to the pope. “I believe in an America where the separation between church and state is absolute,” Kennedy told the Greater Houston Ministerial Association…

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