In the October 12th issue of The Xavier Herald, Staff Writer Adrienne Maeweather interviewed several Xavier University students, and posed this question: “What does freedom of religion mean to you?”  The various answers included interesting and varied responses, some of which inferred “freedom from religion.” The question was very apropos for students who have enrolled in a university which strongly and unabashedly professes its religious character as Roman Catholic.

Of the 102 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in this country, Xavier University is the only one that is Catholic, and the only one founded by a canonized saint.  Xavier’s mission includes not only marking and maintaining its authentic Catholic identity, but also to give support and encouragement to those who practice other faiths.

Several other articles related to faith-questions have recently appeared in other publications as well. For example, in the October 4th issue of The Louisiana Weekly, an article titled “Americans don’t know much about religion” revealed, unfortunately, how little U.S. citizens know about  the beliefs and doctrines  of not only other religions, but of their own faith as well.

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