I can still remember the 1984 starting lineup of the Atlanta Braves, my favorite baseball team growing up. Glenn Hubbard, Rafael Ramirez, Bob Horner—their images are forever etched in my mind. But more than anyone, I remember Dale Murphy.

Murph was my baseball hero. He hit long homeruns, ran like the wind, and played center like nobody else. Yet there is one big disappointment for me where he is concerned: he’s not in the Hall of Fame. And I don’t like that…at all. Let me tell you why.

He led the National League twice in homeruns and RBIs and was only the sixth player ever to have thirty homeruns and thirty stolen bases in the same season. Moreover, he was the only player ever to have a .300 batting average, hit thirty homeruns, drive in 120 runners, score 130 runs himself, and steal thirty bases in the same season (1983).

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