Will evangelical Christianity take over the world? I do not think it will, but then I would say that, because it is not my sort of thing. That, however, has little relevance. I do not have a television, but still television has taken over the world. I do not belong to Facebook, but Facebook has still taken over the world.

In South America, where I live, we have a great deal of evangelical Christianity. Brazil has seen Pentecostal churches like the Assembléia de Deus stride across the country with giant steps, dwarfing the historically enormous Catholic church (to which I belong). Here in neighbouring Paraguay, we are behind the rest of the continent in the Pentecostal advance, but it is growing. This Sunday I went to the biggest evangelical church in Asunción, called the Centro Familiar de Adoración, which has a new building seating ten thousand people (yes, ten thousand). People from the CFA do excellent work, in particular running a chain of lunch clubs for the children from the poorest barrios.

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