Massage therapist Star Kenney of Overland Park, Kan., is a witch.

She practices the pagan religion of Wicca or witchcraft.

This conversation took place at the Black Dog Cafe in Lenexa, Kan.

Q: This is a conservative part of the country. Are you comfortable identifying yourself as a witch in work and social settings?

A: Sometimes I refer to myself as a pagan. That is a less loaded word than witch.

Q: Pagan goes over better than witch?

A: Yes. Lots of non-Christian religions fit under the umbrella of paganism – Buddhism is one. Saying “I am a witch” is very scary to a lot of people.

Q: Why?

A: People either assume that you do the kind of spells that take away someone else’s power or that there’s some sort of blood ritual or sacrifice, that there is something scary and dark about it. Most people who are scared of the word witch have connected it with Satanism.

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