A few months ago bestselling author Anne Rice made a very public departure from Christianity. Her words — “Today I quit being a Christian … I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being Christian” — rattled around Facebook and the Internet like marbles in a tin can.

Some defended her. Some attacked her. Some were confused by her words. Some took the opportunity to preach her a sermon. But one thing was consistent: A gazillion talking heads and bloggers could do nothing but comment on the validity or error of her ways. With all this white noise surrounding Ms. Rice, I have been deliberate about not speaking too soon.

Plus, I just didn’t find her declaration to be that extraordinary. Maybe it is because I swim with these kind of fish all the time, but most people I have meaningful friendships with, and the people who respond most positively to what I say and write, have been singing this same song long before a New York Times best seller got around to it.

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