52 Christians and security personel were killed in Iraq over the weekend. Half a million Christians have fled the country, gunmen have run amok in churches in Egypt and Algeria, Christians have been burned alive in Pakistan, attacked in India, Malaysia and Indonesia and persecuted in Saudi Arabia..the list goes on and on – and yet what we frequently hear about is – ‘The War On Islam’.

The ‘War on Islam’ theory is mostly based on the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing debate over burkas and veils. It is utterly flawed.

The rights and wrongs of the Afghan and Iraq wars are not the point here, the question is did the ‘West’, acting as a neo crusader, invade those countries because they have majority Muslim populations. The answer is no. You can argue oil, strategy, liberal interventionism, personal reasons etc, but there is nothing to suggest that if those countries had populations which worshipped blue cheese, the Americans and British would have acted any differently. As for the debate over veils, these are narrow points to do with security, an open society and pluralism. What is true is that in the West there is freedom of worship, Muslims are not ‘ethnically cleansed’ from cities, and gunmen do not run amok in Mosques or burn Muslims alive.

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