When David Reutimann climbs into his race car, the last thing he sees is a cross.

The religious symbol is more than just outward testament of the driver’s faith.

“It is there to remind me how I am supposed to act like I have some sense and how to be a Christian in my walk with God on and off the race track.” Reutimann, driver of the No. 00 Michael Waltrip Racing Toyota, said. “The cross has been there since the beginning.”

And so has a strong spiritual presence in NASCAR.

The sport was founded on faith and God evident by its pre-race invocations and the welcoming of Motor Racing Outreach in the late 1980s. It’s not uncommon to see drivers praying on pit road before a race or to hear them count His blessing after a solid, safe run.

More than that, NASCAR’s display of faith has yet to waiver in a society where legislators fight to keep prayer out of public schools, and talking openly about Christianity is frowned upon in mixed company.

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