A Christian apologist at Biola University responded Thursday to a new atheist ad campaign that criticizes the Bible, saying it is “ridiculous” for humanists to lecture on morality without God in the picture.

“They are trying to show that they can be good without God but that’s ridiculous,” said Dr. Craig Hazen, founder and director on Biola’s MA program on Christian Apologetics, in an interview with The Christian Post.

“How do you get an ought from an is?” posed Hazen. “The concept of good has no meaning in the humanist worldview. How in the world can they understand good and evil, pleasure and suffering, when they believe that the creation of this world is random?”

Earlier this week, the American Humanist Association launched a national campaign that directly challenges the Bible and the Quran. In the ads, excerpts of both holy texts are portrayed in a negative light as a way to show the humanist approach to topics like women, homosexuality, and war as being more moral.

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