Some men tend to see their wives as nothing more than an attractive play-pretty. They are someone to keep around to meet physical and emotional needs, but certainly not one who has the mental capacity to make a contribution to a life’s calling.

I believe God intended something more. He gave Eve to Adam to help him in his administration of the garden, which was no small task. We don’t know how big the Garden of Eden was, but it was evidently of considerable size, as four rivers are mentioned as flowing from the garden in Genesis 2:10-14. Adam and Eve must have possessed incredible powers and abilities in their unfallen human souls to be able to handle such a job description.

Can’t you see Adam giving Eve a detailed tour of the garden, relating to her exactly what their job responsibilities to cultivate and tend it entailed, just as God had instructed him? He would need her help, her insights, and her feminine abilities that he was already noticing that he lacked. She indeed was like him, but oh, so distinctively different! He could see that she would indeed make a huge contribution to the mission they had before them.

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