Author Dinesh D’Souza presented his theories on the connection between religion, Atheism and world conflicts this week to students, faculty and community members at Stephen F. Austin State University.

D’Souza, author of “Roots of Obama’s Rage” and “What’s So Great About Christianity,” began by addressing the claims that say President Barack Obama is Muslim, or wasn’t born in America, both of which came up for the first time during his campaign for president in 2008.

“This theory, in my view, is mistaken,” he said. “I don’t think Obama is a foreigner; he was born in Hawaii. In the month he was born, August 1961, a notice appeared in two Hawaiian newspapers noting the fact of Obama’s birth, so unless someone was planning something 50 years ago, it’s pretty circumstantial evidence the guy was born in Hawaii.”

The issue of whether Obama is a Muslim is also fairly easy to settle, D’Souza said.

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