To the Theos annual lecture last night, given by Lord (Ian) Blair, the former Metropolitan Commissioner of police and hate figure for the Daily Mail because of his supposed liberalism. Indeed, the first question that he got was from someone wanting to know why the police would arrest preachers against homosexuality, but leave Muslims alone.

But Blair would not be drawn on operational policing, saying that he had resolved to say nothing at all about any decision his successors might make.

What he wanted to talk about was goodness. In particular, he wanted to talk about the fact that religious people are good and charitable even though it is widely assumed that religion is a force for evil in the world. I will happily listen to any policemen talking about goodness – crime fiction is one of our culture’s main ways to discuss morality – and Blair was unusually open about his personal journey to faith. He was agnostic about lots of miracles, he said, and he didn’t pretend to understand the Trinity.

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