I have written before about our celebrity shams who preach one thing but do another. There are plenty of examples of the Hollywood set, the rock culture crowd, media elites, airhead celebrities, and TV personalities who preach their leftwing gospel, yet time and again live a quite different lifestyle.

Consider for example Avatar film maker James Cameron. He has told people they must sacrifice and cut down on their fancy lifestyles so that we can save the planet. Gotta watch out for all those nasty CO2 emissions. But what he doesn’t’ tell us is how he is living it up, complete with:

-3 houses in Malibu (24,000 sq ft in total – 10 times the average U.S. home),
-a 100-acre ranch in Santa Barbara,
-a JetRanger helicopter,
-three Harleys,
-a Corvette,
-a Ducati,
-a Ford GT,
-a collection of dirt bikes,
-a yacht,
-a Humvee firetruck,
-a fleet of submarines…

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