The Catholic News Agency reports that Cardinal Bertone, the Vatican’s top diplomat, stated today, “It is well-documented that Christians are the most discriminated and persecuted religious group.”  This was part of his report to a summit of international leaders meeting in Kazakhstan.  He continued, “Worldwide more than 200 million Christians ‘live in difficult conditions’ because of legal and cultural restrictions on worship and religious freedom.”

In this time of difficulties in the United States between groups of believers and non-believers, political groups vilifying Christians as well as those who hide behind their Christianity, it is hard to fathom the levels of persecution in other parts of the world.  Here, we struggle to hold on to our faith without upsetting the apple cart of political correctness.  Some groups do promote their agenda to unsuspecting Christians, and twist their logic to build a culture of exclusion.  But the opposite is also true.  Many groups point their collective finger at all Christians, saying that they have nothing but hate in their hearts for those who fall outside of the moral code they embrace.

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