Just as Jesus yielded to the will of His Father in the divine family, the man, as the head of the earthly family, is to yield to Jesus. Notice in the diagram that no one else comes between a man and Jesus Christ. No church, no elder, no personal pastor, no spiritual guru; Jesus is the “head of every man.”

One of the characteristics of cults is the tendency to control the lives of those involved in the cult. Permission from the leadership is often necessary to make major decisions, sometimes even minor ones. Even Christian churches with orthodox doctrine and sincere motives can fall into the trap of usurping the place of the Lord in a man’s life because of a desire to see him grow in Christ. Understanding Jesus as the head of every man and teaching men to learn to hear from the Lord themselves as they lead their families guard against church leadership overstepping its bounds.

The church certainly has input concerning the lives of its members. It must exercise its biblical authority to excommunicate in the case of blatant sin committed by unrepentant members. However, it is its teaching from the word of God, not its coercion that points men to the Lord.

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