Special events call for special words. This is especially true in the liturgical calendar of Christianity, and since it is, indeed, Christmastime (and since this is a special extra word for this week), I thought it’d be fun to look at “annunciation.”

The most classic use of this word comes from the story of the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary, at the beginning of the New Testament, that she would miraculously have a son, Jesus. Unlike other characters from the Bible, Mary played it cool and did not freak out and start arguing with the angel about how crazy the whole idea sounded (that must get really annoying for angels, after awhile: “I’m an angel, mister, so do what I say and quit whining!” This tradition continues with George Bailey giving poor Clarence a hard time in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”) Instead, to her enduring credit, she graciously assumed the role millions (and even billions) of people honor her for.

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