Name any type of weather and Morgan Shepherd has most likely experienced it on his annual Christmas charity trip through the hills of Virginia.

There have been warm years when Shepherd could have — but didn’t — wear flip-flops, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt on the all-day tour. It has rained, and not just sprinkles, either. We’re talking torrential downpours that would’ve made Noah nervous. And ice? Oh, yeah … Shepherd has not so much driven as skated through them thar hills several times.

On Monday’s edition of the event, this turned out to be one of the very, very cold years.

The high temperature for the area was a not-so-balmy 21 degrees, with a few flurries here and there. We’re talking freeze-your-face-off frigid, so this time around, there really wasn’t a lot of warm outdoor fellowship. Here’s how bone-numbing cold it was: Jamie Marshall, a long-time client at the PARC Workshop in Stuart, Va., and Shepherd’s biggest fan, wasn’t waiting expectantly on her hero this year. Not outside, at least.

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