Is Richard Dawkins a “Christian double agent”? That’s the claim a friend of mine made on Facebook after reading the latest story of the English celebrity atheist’s “bad arguments and silly antics.” I hasten to assure you that my friend’s tongue was firmly planted in his cheek—although, to be frank, his humorous explanation for Dawkins’ actions is perhaps the most charitable one that can be made.

You see, Richard Dawkins has declared that “it is important that religion should not be allowed to hijack this cultural resource.” What resource might that be? Brace yourself: He’s talking about nothing other than the King James Bible.

My own reaction to Dawkins’ declaration didn’t go quite as far as my friend’s. I will admit that it briefly crossed my mind that Richard Dawkins’ public persona is nothing but an act. After all, I thought, no man who is even half as smart as Dawkins’ admirers claim him to be could make such a ridiculous remark. Unless, of course, his hatred for Christianity is so extreme as to be—dare I say it?—irrational.

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