We saw last week that Romans 14:5-12 speaks of two, unbiblical extremes that Christians should try to avoid regarding the celebration of Christmas and holidays. We should avoid the extreme of saying that all celebrations of holidays other than the Lord’s Day are sinful. And we should avoid the extreme of saying that the celebration of certain holidays, other than the Lord’s Day, are required by God.

We looked primarily at the example of Christmas, and we showed that celebrating the birth of Christ is no different from celebrating other important birthdays.  Surely there is good cause for celebration in the fact that Jesus Christ was born as a man in order to keep the covenant of God for us and to bring us eternal life.

I want to go on today to spend a little time examining various common Christmas customs and symbols in light of the Scriptures.  Much has been made of the fact that many of these things are also elements of pagan celebrations of various pagan holidays.  Does that mean that we, as Christians, are forbidden to use these symbols or customs?

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