House Republicans have announced plans to read the Constitution aloud on the House floor on second day of the new Congress. As Jonathan Bernstein says, “it’s well known that the Constitution is clear and unambiguous at all points, and that previous violations of it have been caused by a combination of ignorance and indifference. Once it’s read on the House floor, that problem will be solved.” But why stop with the Constitution?

To be safe, I’d recommend reading the rules of the 111th House; the new rules proposed by the incoming majority; and the final result, after it passes, of the official rules of the 112th House. While they’re at it, they might as well read Robert’s Rules of Order.

That’s not all! I know Republicans have been quite concerned about the nefarious Democratic practice of passing bills they have not read in full, based on the belief that only a full reading of the text of the bill will reveal its true meaning. Therefore, I’d highly recommend that the House reject the corrupt Democratic practice of dispensing with the full reading of the bill, and commence full readings. Before they’re referred to committee. Every bill.

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