Sarah Palin is the top religion newsmaker in 2010 to many Faith & Reason readers, not the N.Y. imam who wants to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero or Pope Benedict XVI, leader of more than one billion Catholics.

Palin is no pastor, priest or imam. But the TV talk/reality star ex-governor author infuses all her speeches and her two best-sellers with references to God and a vision of the United States as exceptionally blessed — if Americans follow the path of Christian faith.

And this, presumably, is how she has garnered 26% of readers’ votes in my little straw poll in yesterday’s Faith & Reason.

I presented the cases for Palin, and several other contenders including Benedict and Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf (both tied at 23%), Glenn Beck (9%) and Rev. Franklin Graham (7%) and even the politician who brought paganism into the mid-term election limelight, Christine O’Donnell (4%)

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