As the announcement was made that Congress had passed the bill repealing “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell” (DADT) there were people in our land who found no occasion for cheering or celebrating this landmark legislation. Yet, despite the prayers and resistance of the voices of righteousness, the gay agenda prevailed.

Homosexuality, once and still considered by many to be an immoral and deviant lifestyle choice, would now be officially and legally sanctioned in the military. The political arena in which many vigorous challenges to legitimizing perverse and aberrant behavior has been a contentious conflict in the culture wars.

The Bible tell us of similar struggles in history, and pointedly examines the cause and effects, and unintended consequences of misguided acts committed by societies claiming to be progressive. The progressive society is often the decadent society. America has now joined the legions of civilizations which have turned their backs on God in the name of social progress.

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