Brothers and Sisters,

I have a hard word for you today. But it’s a word spoken in love. I was originally ordained to the ministry in the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA), but I left in 2002 for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). There was a time when I was angry at my fellow Evangelicals in the PCUSA. Now I am not, and have not been for years. I have been blessed abundantly in the PCA.

Recently I read a story on the Aquila Report about the rising sense of despair and “helplessness” among the Evangelicals in the PCUSA. There was a line that arrested my attention in that article. A statement from the Biblical Presbyterian Network said: “And yet, even our denomination fails, stumbles and so often impedes the work of God’s Spirit, we acknowledge that this reality does not change our calling to be faithful where we are.”

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