Hundreds of poor Christian brick kiln workers were denied their wages before Christmas in Toba Tek Singh, a district in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

As a result, the deprived workers were not able to purchase food and warm clothes for their families at what was meant to be the happiest time of the year.

Munir Masih Gill, President of the Brick Kiln Workers Union told ANS-Pakistan, “There are over six hundred brick making factories in the District of Toba Tek Singh. At each factory, thirty to forty people work. Our union has made survey and found that ninety percent of the brick-making workers are Christians and these workers are exploited by the factory owners.

“Legally, these factories have to be registered with the government of Pakistan and they are bound to ensure the rights of workers including the payment of fixed wages. However, since the public institutions are weak and the local legislators are fighting with each other to gain power, the factory owners get the benefit of the situation and exploit the poor workers.”

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