The Bible is a book of contrasts. It is filled with stories about man’s stubborn propensity to settle for the good over the best, to take the easy road rather than the difficult, to walk in darkness instead of in the light. Even though we read time and time again in the Scriptures that God demands perfection, righteousness, and holiness of those who call Him “Lord,” we seem to have convinced ourselves that being just a little bit better than everyone else is close enough. We readily admit that we will never reach the goal in this life, so we slow down, becoming lackadaisical and comfortable with our imperfection, taking comfort in the fact that “Jesus is our perfection.”

While it is certainly true that in Christ we are made new and perfect, we must not stop here. The sanctification process is just that—a process. There may be days and weeks and months (perhaps years) where we feel like we are stuck in the proverbial rut. Nothing seems to shake us out of our spiritual slumber as we sleep-walk through the routine and rigors of our daily life, wondering what it all means. We know we should be praying, we know we should be reading the Bible, we know we should be doing any number of things; we simply choose not to. Instead, we wait for God to send a holy lightning bolt from heaven to re-energize us; or, at the very least, we wait for the man, “whose name is Help,” to pull us out of our “slough of despond.”

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