Many Christians believe the laws of God in the Old Testament are no longer pertinent under the New Covenant. Some preachers go so far as to declare that Yah’s laws have been abolished and that we are no longer obligated to keep them. Why should we not believe the same – especially since the Apostle Paul proclaimed: “…[We] are not under law, but under grace…. (Romans 6:14) and “…Christ is the end of the law….” (Romans 10:4)?

At least twenty-seven additional New Testament Scriptures contain essentially the same declaration. With so much scriptural evidence testifying against the perpetuity of Yahweh’s laws, how could anyone fail to come to the same conclusion? Why would anyone debate otherwise?

First Appearances Can Deceive

The initial evidence appears to support the dissolution of Yahweh’s laws under the New Covenant. However, this evidence only offers one side of the story. Psalm 119:160 (NASB) instructs us that the sum of Yahweh’s Word is truth. One cannot fully understand Yahweh’s will on any doctrine until he has examined all Scripture pertaining to that doctrine.

Most ministers present only the Scriptures that appear to suspend Yahweh’s laws. Unfortunately, these ministers, who should be the champions and defenders of His laws, remain silent about the greater number of passages that uphold Yahweh’s laws under the New Covenant.

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