Here’s a new book, Reaching Muslims by Nick Chatrath, that will “help you building open-hearted friendships with Muslims”. It doesn’t add AND CONVERT THEM TO CHRISTIANITY because modern evangelicals know just how sensitive this issue can be. None the less, that’s what this “one-stop guide for Christians” is geared towards – introducing Muslims to the real Jesus, as Christians understand him, thus enabling them, if they wish, to abandon Islam.

What fascinates me about this book – endorsed by R T Kendall, one of the world’s leading evangelical theologians, and Canon Andrew White, the so-called “Vicar of Baghdad” – is how expertly it treads through a minefield regarded as far too dangerous by most mainstream church leaders.

There’s lots of cheerful affirmation of Muslim culture and Muslims – “culturally rich and often wonderfully passionate about life and faith”. Christians are encouraged to get to know Muslims, wish them a happy Eid, “take cake, get invited in”. Also, they should beware “stoking fear and mistrust” by, for example, getting into arguments about Sharia that may be based on misguided media reports.

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