A church-based organization behind a prominent inner-city Winnipeg construction project is angry at what it considers a hate crime against Christianity.

Youth for Christ is hoping Winnipeg police will find whoever is responsible for posting small placards that state “God raped Mary” on wooden walls around its Centre for Youth Excellence development during the Christmas season.

“I had thought it’s specifically an attack against Youth for Christ. I’m not convinced of that now. I think it is an attack against Christianity,” John Courtney, the organization’s executive director, said Wednesday. “If this were any religion other than Christianity, it would quickly be labelled a hate crime.”

Courtney said the “pretty low” posters – depicting the biblical figures Mary on a donkey led by husband Joseph to a women’s health clinic – make a pro-choice statement on abortion, and are signed by “Youth Against Christ” on the several he has seen and photographed.

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