It’s been a busy period for the religion of peace. On a daily basis we hear of Islamist terror attacks around the world. These have included the quite recent attack on a Coptic Christian church in Egypt and the assassination of a Pakistani governor.

In Alexandria 21 Egyptian believers were killed and 100 were wounded in a New Year’s Eve bomb attack on a worship service. This was in part brought about by Islamic religious leaders making inflammatory remarks about the Coptic Christians a few months earlier. Indeed, it is part of ongoing persecution of Christians in Islamic Egypt, something which the government is doing little to stop, and in many ways seems to be encouraging.

As Mark Durie states, “I deplore the lack of freedom of religion in Egypt, the authorities’ apparent unwillingness to protect the indigenous Christian minority and its places of worship, and the lamentable track record of the Egyptian justice system in securing criminal convictions against those who have targeted Christians for attack. I call upon Egypt’s leaders to respond to these abuses honestly and with integrity, without making excuses or indulging in denial.”

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