The Associated Press article printed in the Arizona Daily Star on January 5, 2011 was entitled, “Cross at San Diego Park ruled Unconstitutional.” According to the article, an enlightened three judge panel of the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued their unanimous decision that the 29-foot cross erected and dedicated in 1954 to honor Korean War veterans was unconstitutional.

This ruling, as well as a challenge to a cross set up in a remote area of the Mojave Desert, reflects the most egregious interpretations of Constitutional law ever seen in our land by liberal jurists who have taken it upon themselves to interpret separation of church and state issues beyond the intended spirit and intent of the law.

Challenges to the cross memorials are usually made by a small minority of atheists and others who despise the presence of symbols of Christianity in our land. They are always aided by the leftist American Civil Liberties Union. In the San Diego issue, the Jewish War Veterans also supported the challenge. I suppose if the groups hostile to Christianity and who find the Cross so offensive can manage to convince 3 judges to remove a memorial erected in 1954, then perhaps they will be encouraged to proceed to wipe out most remaining crosses on any federal property.

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