I received the following email from a Christian-school family:

My daughters attend a Christian School in Tucson, AZ. The 11th grade US History teacher told the class that the “founders” were deist, didn’t have a relationship with Christ — so, were not Christians, that George Washington had a sexually transmitted disease — her explanation due to the fact that he wore a wig, lost his hair, he had an STD.

I was SHOCKED that this teacher made these types of statements to her class.  . . . Do you have any material that I could use to challenge this teacher on her “opinions”?  My husband and I have made tremendous sacrifices to send our daughters to a Christian School and find what this teacher is teaching as “fact” very troubling.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s begin with the claim that George Washington had a sexually transmitted disease, probably syphilis. These are probably the same people who believe Washington’s false teeth were wooden. They weren’t. Laser scans of Washington’s dentures found gold, hippopotamus ivory, lead, and human and animal teeth. An ingenious spring mechanism was used to open the set. In all that I’ve been able to find, the syphilis accusation is a modern-day myth that Washington scholars have repeatedly dispelled.

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