At a recent conference of church leaders I met a new friend. We were forced into a study group and as usual, there was time for small talk. My new friend was a large, athletic looking guy, so I asked him what he did to relax. His answer surprised me. I was expecting him to answer football or rugby, but he leaned forward and in a hushed tone said, “I like television.” His answer, or really the way he answered, was the funny part.

Somehow he felt a need for a hushed tone and semi-secret language to express his love of TV. Why would he feel the need to do such a thing? After all, TV has been with Canadians for over 50 years. Yet, there is still a stigma in certain church circles about those who watch TV.

I still have friends who, with a certain degree of spiritual pride, state that they don’t have a TV. Growing up, we were taught that too much TV will ruin your eyes and rot your brain. Does TV really have spiritual power?

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